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Welcome to the Royal!

"At The Royal Nest, our mission is to provide a sanctuary of unparalleled comfort, where every guest is treated like royalty. We are dedicated to delivering a regal experience through meticulously designed accommodations, personalized services, and a commitment to exceeding expectations.


What We Offer 

Free Wifi 

50’ Flat Smart Tv 

Keyless Entry

Air Condition 

Continental Breakfast 

Complimentary coffee, tea and water 

Transportation services 

Concierge service 

Laundry Service

Private Pool Access (Day pass available) 

Royal Lounge Access (Bar) 

Private Party

Special Event  

Corporate Luncheon 

Training and workshop  


Meet Us At The Royal!

Nestled in the heart of hospitality, we strive to create lasting memories, ensuring that each visitor feels not just welcomed, but truly at home. With a passion for excellence and a touch of elegance, The Royal Nest is more than a bed-and-breakfast; it's a destination where luxury meets warmth, and every stay becomes a majestic retreat."

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